CS@UI Timeline

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March 11, 1965 Departmental Milestones: "Authority was granted to create [...] a Department of Computer Science...]

From the seeds of creation to current happenings, we hope that you enjoy this interactive history of our department.

The University of Iowa's DEC PDP-8

Prof. Doug Jones and students have been restoring a PDP-8 microcomputer purchased by the UI Psych Dept in 1965. It was demoed as part of our 50th Anniversary.

PDP-8 in 1966 Psych Dept. vs demoed for 50th Anniversary

PDP-8 in 1966 UI Psych Dept. vs. demoed for 50th Anniversary

Robot Theater Summer Camp

After becoming familiar with them, students work in groups to program the robots to perform in a variety of skits used to create a final show. Click for details on this year's camp for grades 6-8.


Video by University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Motion-sensing tools deployed in war on pathogens

"James Cremer, PhD, UI professor of computer science and a member of the CompEpi team, says one of the strengths that computer science faculty and students bring to this work is their knowledge of new technology and methods that the medical experts may not even be able to imagine."

Hospital setting showing patient attended by nurses and doctors - motion apparent with blurred figures

For the UI Computational Epidemiology researchers, Kinects help understand how infections spread in health care. Phote Credit: Medicine Iowa

Jason Fries - 2015 PhD graduate; currently postdoctoral fellow with Stanford University's Mobilize Center

Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Jason Fries

Jason Fries is a 2015 PhD graduate. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow with Stanford University's Mobilize Center, an NIH-funded Big...