UI CS Performing Robots

In an extraordinary collaboration between the UI Departments of Computer Science, Dance, and Theater, the three credit-hour “Dancing Robots” and “Robot Theater” classes have presented thirteen UI students and three instructors with unusual cross-discipline opportunities.

CS @ UI NAO robots at a2ru conference 11/6/2014.

UI CS Department NAO robots awaiting performance at a2ru conference 11/6/2014.

Celebrating 50 years of CS@UI 1965-2015

Our 50th Anniversary Celebration took place February 26-28, 2015. Thanks to our alumni, past faculty, speakers, and all attendees for helping us celebrate computing @ Iowa. Click link for pictures!

Anniversary logo

Celebrating 50 years of Computer Science at the University of Iowa

The University of Iowa's DEC PDP-8

Prof. Doug Jones and students restored much of a PDP-8 microcomputer purchased by the UI Psych Dept in 1965. It was demoed as part of our 50th Anniversary.

PDP-8 in 1966 Psych Dept. vs demoed for 50th Anniversary

PDP-8 in 1966 UI Psych Dept. vs. demoed for 50th Anniversary

CS@UI Timeline

Explore this visual chronicle of our history. We encourage you to contribute to this living document by sharing a memory of your time at Iowa: https://www.cs.uiowa.edu/node/813

March 11, 1965 Departmental Milestones: "Authority was granted to create [...] a Department of Computer Science...]

From the seeds of creation to current happenings, we hope that you enjoy this interactive history of our department.

Donald Curtis, PhD 2011

Thoughts of a Recent Graduate: Donald Curtis

Donald Curtis is a 2011 PhD graduate. He had earned his MS in 2007, also at the University of Iowa. His advisor was Sriram Pemmaraju and...

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