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  • Sep01
    • Want to build a professional network with amazing women?
    • Want to work on cool projects and prepare for interviews with likeminded people?
    • Want homework help or just someone to hang out with?
    • Come to WICS! We are open to women in all areas of study. You don't need to be a CS or Informatics major to join!
    110 MLH
    Women in Informatics and Computer Science (WICS)
  • Sep04

    Ternary computing (that is, computers that use base 3) may seem eccentric, but it has a history dating back to the early 1960s and there is growing interest in it today, thanks to the slow demise of Moore's Law.  Ternary arithmetic requires particular attention.  Multiplication and division by two, operations we take for granted to be inexpensive, are no longer trivial.  I show how two n-trit (ternary digit) numbers can be added in O(log n) time, and both division by two and remainder after division by 2 can be done using O(log n) add operations.  Finally, research on ternary computing requ

    4:00pm to 5:00pm
    110 MLH
    Douglas W. Jones
    University of Iowa


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