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  • Oct09

    Program synthesis, the automatic generation of programs from specification, promises to fundamentally change the way we build software. By using synthesis tools, we can build software that is correct by virtue of the synthesis process, greatly speed up development time, as well as make the power of computing more accessible to non-programmers. Studied since the 70s, synthesis has seen a recent resurgence thanks to general increases in computing power as well as renewed interest in domain-specific synthesis where this difficult problem becomes far more tractable.

    4:00pm to 5:00pm
    110 MLH
    Peter-Michael Osera
    Grinnell College
  • Nov06

    At the 1st Iowa Computer Science Graduate Research Symposium (2015) senior CS PhD students will present talks on their latest research, showcasing a variety of CS research areas including algorithms, mobile computing, networks, programming languages, and virtual reality. Talks are intended for a wide audience with interest in CS, including CS juniors and seniors.

    9:00am to 5:30pm
    MLH and W401 PBB
    UI CS Grad Students and Faculty
    University of Iowa Computer Science Department


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